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Seals Eastern, Inc.
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for OAT Coolant and other engine fluids in
HD Diesel engine service.

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Seal warranty issues involving Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolants, highly stabilized engine lubricants, and other high pH engine fluids in hot engine applications are solved using 7182X.

A low warranty cost engine requires seals able to resist  stress-relaxation. Seals Eastern supplies millions of low compression-set seals that ensure leak-free service in heavy-duty diesel engine applications. These seals have outstanding long-term performance in the presence of traditional coolants and the high pH Organic Acid Technology ("OAT") coolants. These seals also withstand modern engine oils that have been formulated to withstand higher operating temperatures.

Seals Easterns 7182 series of formulated AFLAS seals have set industry standards for the highest level of performance in high pH coolant applications.
Ref# Duro Description
7182X 80 Ultra-low compression set formulated AFLAS for use in aqueous and non-aqueous engine fluids.

Technical Papers Available
Elastomers in Coolants
Fluoroelastomers in Modern Engine Fluids
Long Term Testing of Base Resistant Elastomers (BRE) Suitable for Power Cylinder Systems
Elastomer Service Life Prediction in Organic Acid Coolants
Long Term Serviceability of Elastomers in Modern Engine Coolants
Effects of Thermal Cycling on Elastomers in High Temperature Coolant
Elastomers in Lubricants
HNBR and Long Term Serviceability in Modern Auto Lubes - Part I
HNBR and Long Term Serviceability in Modern Auto Lubes - Part II

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April 9 - 11, 2013
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There is beast downhole: high temperature, high pressure, acids, and bases. Seals Eastern knows how to keep the beast at bay.

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