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To give you the best quality and delivery: we make the molds, mix the rubber, and mold your rubber seals

Seals Eastern has complete control over its quality and delivery. We have been a vertically integrated manufacturer for more than 60 years. Made in USA We possess rubber mixing equipment, CNC mills and lathes for tool & die fabrication, state of the art molding equipment, and experienced engineering resources to offer complete manufacturing services for your seal applications. By possessing this equipment and capability within one factory, we are able to deliver to your exact requirements in short lead times. Contact Us.

Seal Design Capabilities

Seals Eastern possesses extensive engineering resources. All drawings are made using state of the art CAD software. computer assited design and engineering We easily engage FTP drawing transfers for engineering department collaboration. Finite element analysis (FEA) is utilized through third parties when it is applicable. Our engineering and design team has combined experience well in excess of 100 years.

Tool & Die Design and Mfg Capabilities

CAD Tool design Seals Eastern has a captive tool and die manufacturing facility equipped  with state-of-the-art CNC, mill, and drilling operations. Electronic drawings are used to generate programmed tool-paths which are downloaded to our numerically controlled equipment. This facility produces high tolerance tooling that gives Seals Eastern the ability to manufacture the highest quality precision molded rubber products.

Precision Molding Capabilities

Seals Eastern utilizes:

Precision molding operations Production runs range from small batch to precision molded components whose volume, in some instances, approach one million units per month. Seals Easterns facility also includes a clean room for the manufacture of ultra high quality sealing components.

Rubber Compound Design & Mixing Capabilities

Seals Eastern has an inhouse rubber mixing facility capable of producing statistically consistent rubber compounds. Seals Eastern has experience formulating and mixing nearly all synthetic polymers currently available in the market. Compound development and mixing operations are supported by our fully equipped Materials Development Center.

Failure Analysis Capabilities

Our Engineering Team has 24 x 7 access to our Design analysis Materials Development Center to analyze field failures and in some instances, re-create the failure environment. This service is an integral part of our customer support program.

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