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AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers

AFLAS is the registered tradename for a unique fluoroelastomer based upon an alternating copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene ("TFE/P"). AFLAS, when properly formulated, can be used to fabricate o-rings, gaskets, and seals possessing several unique properties:

AFLAS award - presented to Seals Eastern for its research and unique technologies resulting in the highest performance Aflas formulations available. Seals Eastern, Inc. was one of the earliest companies to formulate AFLAS and develop applications in the oilfield, fluid control, heavy duty diesel, steam, and other industrial uses. Seals Eastern and its founder have been acknowledged countless times for advancements in the application technology of AFLAS materials. Such recognition has come from several elastomer industry leaders, including Dyneon LLC as shown here. Contact Us to learn more.

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Seals Easterns formulated AFLAS seals (7182TM brand) have set industry standards for the highest level of AFLAS performance in:

Ref# Duro Description
7182D 80 General high temperature chemical resistant service.
7182E 85 High temperature, high pressure ("HT/HP") service.
7182B 90 High temperature, high pressure ("HT/HP") service. ED resistant: NORSOK M-710 certified
7182BX 95 HT/HP service. Ultra-low Compression set. 
7182A 95 High temperature, high pressure service. ED resistant. 
7182X 80 Ultra-low compression set for use in aqueous and non-aqueous fluids, esp. OAT coolants.

AFLAS is categorized under the ASTM D1418 designation of FEPM. AFLAS is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and propylene (P). On account of this molecular structure, AFLAS has outstanding base resistance (e.g. caustics, alkalines, amines, nucleophiles) unlike other fluorocarbon polymers that contain vinylidene fluoride.

Do not be fooled by cheap AFLAS o-rings and seals since they often lack proper postcuring techniques, contain reground material, and blends of cheaper fluorocarbon polymers all of which cause inferior performance and leaks.
Seals Eastern guarantees its 7182TM series AFLAS formulations are 100% virgin AFLAS polymer and post-cured using state-of-the-art cure technology. All of our o-rings meet or exceed ISO quality standard ISO3601-3 Grade-S for special and critical service.

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